Whoever said they got cold feet definitely wasn’t in a pair of Di shoes.

Here’s why.

We know what’s best for your feet because it’s what we do best. Di is over77 years of presence backed by a legacy of evolution. We create what you want, what you need and what you love. We do this because we understand and share your love for everything new and distinct. We push ourselves to constantly evolve and create new designs to empower you with choice and strive to surpass our set benchmarks to bring you distinct quality that is as unique as your persona.

For over seven decades Ceylon Leather Products Limited has invested its efforts in bringing you premium quality leather products. We are a true Sri Lankan corporate that has transformed itself from humble beginnings in 1939 to become a dynamic giant in the industry laying claim to the largest tannery in Sri Lanka.

The signature marque under the company’s umbrella,Di is a driver of innovation blending design, aesthetic, comfort and quality with a passion; a passion for all the things you love. We create benchmark standards with a simple belief- love what you wear. This is why Di is the choice of the bold.

You don’t conform to the normal, rules aren’t meant to be followed and it is impossible for you to sit quietly in a corner because your personality screams louder than the music blaring from your speakers. So why settle for anything mediocre? At Di we’ve got something for every one of your moods, only because we believe in your need to stand out, set your own rules, break stereotypes and most importantly have fun!

Step into our shoes - You’ll love it!